TruHD Brings Disruptive Stability and Reliability to the Value VMS Server Market: Revised 2013 H2 CNR Series now empowered by our Unique SVC (Screening, Validating and Configuration) Engineering Contract

TruHD is proud to officially announce our engineering partnership with respected veteran IT solutions provider D & D Computer Technology to deliver our fully revamped  2013 H2 CNR series VMS server line up. Few IT solutions providers in Australia have survived this long let alone retained and enhanced their reputation as much as D & D Computer Technology.

We confidently claim that this line of PC VMS servers, which we proudly attach an unmatched full 3 year labour and parts warranty (the best warranty offered in this price class anywhere in the world – bar none), are the worlds most stringently validated, and to prove it – we are disclosing our full validation and config suite in the attached PDF (no other supplier will be able to provide this level of attention to detail anywhere in the world, let alone expose the procedure as transparently as us).

Our dedication to stability and reliability begins with expert product selection (Our 2 companies have a combined IT experience of over 30 years), continues with experienced construction and engineering techniques (D & D Computer Technology has been engineering custom PC system solutions for over 15 years), is reinforced with rigorous burn in validation of the CPU/GPU/APU, RAM, MB, SSDs and HDDs, and finalised by a systematically documented set of optimal control panel and system settings directly targeted to the always on workload needs of surveillance VMS servers.

The enshrinement of this dedication is a two part contract which consists of the Screening Rules below and the Validation and Configuration Procedure PDF attached.

Every TruHD CNR goes through this unbeatable screening, validation and configuration process, an engineering approach unlikely to be ever eclipsed, anywhere in the world, in a similar price class.

Screening Rules

1. Chassis must have a 3 year warranty, the PSU must be OEMed from Delta, Seasonic, FSP or CWT (i.e. tier 1 and quiet).

2. Any SSD used must NOT have a SandForce or JMicron derived controller (e.g. Intel 330s/520s, Kingston SSDs, Corsair Force) which are known to be prone to stutter and/or crash the system.

3. Any monitor supplied must be have an IPS panel and feature DVI and/or HDMI inputs, all systems that come with monitors must be supplied with a working DVI or HDMI cable (e.g Viewsonic VX2260S-LED / LG IPS224V)

4. All MBs must have HDMI and VGA outputs (or system must have graphics card with HDMI and VGA out).

5. All RAM must be Kingston standard JEDEC clock SKUs (no HyperX, over-clocked SKUs).

6. All HDDs must have at least a 3 year warranty and not have known model level firmware defects as per latest industry information.

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