NVISDB HD Realtime Video Intercom Door Station

This is the video intercom system that delivers the best AV quality and can be installed anywhere with full confidence that it will work properly each and every time at a 100% affordable price. For more details, read on.

Digital video door phone system based on audio video coding technology, computer technology, network technology and embedded technology, included by outdoor station, indoor monitor, manage center unit, network switch device, power supply device five parts, through the system, the user can truly experience the perfect life of “intelligent community” and “digital home”

  • Zero control, video and audio transmission loss, interference or noise, at ANY distance (distance above 100m required extension equipment). Poor quality pictures are no more, distorted sound is no more, and most importantly, no more intermittent missed rings or button presses between the door station and monitor.
  • Zero electrically coupled audio feedback or AC induced noise.
  • A system that is actually designed from the ground up to be fully optimised for transmission via Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6 cabling – which is typically the only cable provisioned by electricians/cablers for new homes in 95%+ of cases.
  • A fully ISO/EIA/IEEE world standards based design and installation procedure – with no “ifs” and “buts”: all you need is a RJ45 crimping tool, and 100m transmission distance is 100% guaranteed – with no excuses. Our system works first time and every time, in any building, irrespective of the environment – no questions asked.
  • Unrivalled installation flexibility with no less then 7 compatible transmission mediums, including Wi-Fi (Infrastructure wireless), Sonos (Mesh wireless), HomePlug AV (Power lines), VDSL2 (Phone lines and 2-wire including Fig 8 and alarm/security cable), EoC (RG59/RG6/RG11 coaxial cable), EoF (single and multi mode fibre via GBIC and SFP modules) and of cause, the electrician’s favourite – twisted pair ethernet (Cat 5/5e/6) – no other transmission technology can support this vast array of wired and wireless medium options.
  • Unrivalled scalability – up to 254 devices can be supported in any one system, all with no AV quality loss even to the furtherest device.
  • Megapixel image quality live realtime display, recording and snapshots – our crystal clear digital HD IP camera technology allows users to recognise and capture unique facial features in strangers up close, and recognise multiple faces in the background.
  • Fully programmable – change wallpapers, change ring tones, change room names, change the screen layout – just about any aspect of the user interface can be customised to to needs of your customers
  • Increased durability in coastal environments – our standard HD colour camera door station is a completely sealed unit made from glass and polycarbonate – both sea water resistant materials. In addition, the bell button is a capacitive touch zone – with unlimited endurance.
  • Access control integration – even our entry level standard door station is equipped with RFID based access control technology, where as our competitors restrict such features to unaffordable high-end products only.
  • TruHD IP CCTV integration – we in the process of integrating the TruHD IP CCTV NVRs with the NVI series intercom systems. In the future, customers will be able to record video from the door station on their NVR, and watch CCTV footage on their indoor VDP monitors (ETA Q1 2014)
  • Displayer: Color 3.5 inch TFT LCD Screen, Resolution 320×240
  • 4 mechanical button
  • Support 4 wire alarm input extension
  • Support call among households
  • Support multipe outdoor phone connection
  • Support Do-not-disturb function
  • 1 channel 10/100 Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet
  • Dimensions for DH-VTH1110A: 205mm x 135mm x 23mm (WxHxT)
  • Dimensions for DH-VTH1110A: 189mm x 115mm x 19mm (WxHxT)
  • Power: DC 10~15V
  • Power Consumption: Standby
  • Glass sealed surface mount
  • IP65 weatherproof
  • 1.3MP IP outdoor colour camera door station
  • Integrated RFID access control reader
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