What is Smart Search?

Smart Search (a.k.a Pixel Search) is the ability to select a small portion of a camera’s scene (called the “region of interest”) and RAPIDLY find events that have occurred in that part of the camera’s view, with just a few clicks of the mouse and UNDER 1 MINUTE of the end-user’s precious, scarce time spent. read more →

Analog vs HD Megapixel Cameras

HD Megapixel Cameras are the largest breakthrough in security camera technology since cameras were invented 50 years ago. read more →


TruBK is a revolutionary cloud CCTV footage backup system that fully exploits the data pruning power of TruPO video analytics to upload megapixel HD video clips of all important events captured by your cameras via any ordinary, upload bandwidth constrained ADLS, cable or 3G/4G connection. read more →


Our TruPO People and Object tracking system with Automatic Background Discrimination has been demonstrated in real life testing that the TruPO reduces the amount of video you need to review by over 95% (tested on a busy metropolitan street) compared to continuous recording. read more →


TruHD’s TruVE (True Video Experience) NVR Solution delivers what can most accurately be described as the best CCTV video viewing, searching and exporting experience possible. read more →