What is Smart Search?

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    Luxriot VMS Smart Search

    VMS Smart Search

Most end-users and integrators/wholesalers find it hard to identify the core reason for choosing a Luxriot VMS based system over a basic standalone NVR or DVR for a CCTV project. Lets fix that!

The #1 Reason is: SMART SEARCH

-> Smart Search (a.k.a Pixel Search) is the ability to select a small portion of a camera’s scene (called the “region of interest”) and RAPIDLY find events that have occurred in that part of the camera’s view, with just a few clicks of the mouse and UNDER 1 MINUTE of the end-user’s precious, scarce time spent.
-> Smart Search is the simplest type of video analytic/VCA (video content analysis) and the most accessible – it is easy to use/understand and is FREE with any Luxriot VMS system/license.

Why do BOTH you AND your customer need SMART SEARCH?
-> Never under estimate the value of BOTH you and your customer’s precious, scarce time! Whether it will be you or your end-user customer that will be doing investigations when something has or may have happened, smart search will save at least 1 hour per investigation and most likely save you 50+ hours per year playing back useless video. Thats like earning an entire week’s salary for FREE, every year!

I Don’t Believe You. Proof to ME That it Works!
-> Okay: We made a video to do just that, please watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPc0sX6Jnqw (please excuse the poor audio – we will fix that soon)
-> Explanation: Using just some clicks of the mouse and about 2 minutes of time, I have found out:
a) when the postman turned up today (and the postbox is >20m away from our entry level 1.3MP camera!), and
b) when a car parked in spot 1 of our showroom car park, who’s car it was, and even when they left – hence knowing exactly how long they have parked in the spot for!

Does it work with ANY camera?
-> Yes, Luxriot VMS servers can be directly connected to ANY IP/Network camera/encoder/video source as well as to ANY ANALOGUE/HD-SDI camera via Luxriot encoder cards (Up to 300CH IP + 96CH analogue + 12 HD-SDI per server, with support for unlimited servers).

Since we are here, why not tell us the other reasons using a Luxriot VMS system over a basic standalone NVR/DVR?
-> The other main reasons are:
a) Unlimited scalability to any number of channels/cameras/devices/recorders/servers/clients….
b) More full featured remote access user interface
c) Continuous improvements in the software with updates to functionality at no extra cost
d) Support for more cameras and VCA/analytics