TruHD’s TruVE (True Video Experience) NVR Solution delivers what can most accurately be described as the best CCTV video viewing, searching and exporting experience possible.

Below are the key competitive advantages of our user focused video navigation experience (please click on the accompanying links for video demonstrations of each feature):

  1. Full integration of live view and playback on a single screen using a single mouse wheel zooming timeline interface – simply scroll the wheel out to select a day (can also use the popup calendar on the same screen), then scroll the wheel in to select an hour/ minute in previous time and the video displays immediately. To go back to live just click the LIVE button – thats it! Fast forward and rewind is as simple as dragging the speed slider – the interface responds immediately. – Click here to see video.
  2. The simplest possible and easiest export procedure ever: Just right drag to select a range on the timeline. Then right click and choose export – thats it! – Click here to see video.
  1. Seamless multi camera zoom in/out using only the mouse wheel and a couple of clicks here and there. – Click here to see video.
  2. Simple click and drag layout management – each camera can be placed in just the right position on screen, rotated to just the right angle and enlarged to just the right size to your viewing preferences. – Click here to see video.
  3. Advanced multi zone motion detection with variable sensitivities in each zone, variable zone geometries and realtime trigger observation for accurate adjustments – plus motion based searching by scene area. In real life testing we have demonstrated 75% reductions in the amount of recorded video.