Our TruPO People and Object tracking system with Automatic Background Discrimination has been demonstrated in real life testing that the TruPO reduces the amount of video you need to review by over 95% (tested on a busy metropolitan street) compared to continuous recording.

TruPO continuously analyses the clean HD images from our TruHD IP cameras and learns the scene background. TruPO then only triggers and tracks on foreground objects. In addition, TruPO also distinguishes between humans and non-human objects, automatically saving and categorising video events based on the event type.

Finally, TruPO incorporates a simple rule management system that can send instant e-mail alerts, sound an alarm and/or upload video to our subscription TruBK cloud backup service whenever an interesting event occurs, examples of interesting events the system is capable of analysing include:

  1. 1. A person has lingered near your fence for more then 30 seconds (or any other length of time your desire) – giving you advanced notice of potentially suspicious activity around your property
  2. A door or window at a time when there is no one at home (or when everyone is upstairs – giving you advanced noticed of a potential intruder
  3. A car, but not a cat, have come into your driveway.
  4. An employee has turned up to work or left work.
  5. An employee or customer has lingered in a particular area of the store for too long.
  6. Counting the approximate number of people or cars that have gone past of visited a location each day – basic flow analysis (“retail analytics”) for your store, quickly scan to see how many people lingered in front of an end cap or entered a section of your store.
  7. Someone has gone in or out of a specific room – perhaps a secure area

    Basically, if you want to know if a particular type of event happened during a particular period of the day/week, and/or longer than a duration of time, and/or in a particular area, TruPO can alert you whenever such an event happens – sending you a picture and/or even a video of the event (via TruBK).

    TruPO has many genuinely useful applications for both residential and business user alike. It represents a complete departure from old CCTV thinking (recording and monitoring video) to new intelligent CCTV thinking (making machines work for you, by analysing video and presenting you with useful information that you care about).

    If you were asked why you installed a CCTV system – you would naturally answer: “to watch over things…”. But if you think a bit deeper – you will realise that traditional CCTV systems do not watch over things as such – they just help you watch over things – because you still have to review the video and do the watching yourself. With TruPO, however – you really get a system that actually watches over things for you properly, by itself, using its own brain – and only reports to you when there is a significant reason to require you precious attention and time.