About Us

At TruHD our goal is to ease, optimise and guide Australia’s transition from unsophisticated analogue video camera recording systems to intelligent HD digital IP surveillance solutions capable of automatic intrusion detection and business intelligence reporting via affordable and effective video analytics. We believe that intelligent video algorithms fed by crystal clear visual evidence is the best avenue of both preventing the increase in disputes and criminal activity within our society as well as drive business growth through invaluable customer traffic and behaviour analysis that cannot be achieved by any other means.

Our approach is to provide the most reliable, effective and compact intelligent HD video systems for the residential, retail, education, industrial and corporate markets to minimise disruption to life and productivity caused by crime and dishonesty while optimising commercial processes to increase profits at the same time.

Our equipment is built using the industry’s most high regarded electronic components and we are hence able and willing to support them properly throughout the system’s expected service life with long warranty and managed service plans. The reliability of our products is further exploited by our selection of the world’s finest intelligent video software to solve real world problems efficiently and effectively.